Ezekiel Elliot Suspended by League

Yesterday Pro Bowl running back Ezekiel Elliot was suspended by the league for violation of its personal conduct policy.  He was accused of beating his former girlfriend on more than one occasion. Now I know what you’re all thinking, Josh Brown admitted to beating his pregnant girlfriend on as many as 20 occasions, and Ray Rice was caught on camera knocking his girlfriend unconscious.  Rice only got 4 games.  But heres why Elliots suspension was so steep.  The NFL admitted to making a mistake on Rice’s initial suspension and later corrected it to a year long ban.  The NFL never had a situation like that so they were new to the situation.  In Josh Browns case the NFL had no idea any of this was happening and weren’t able to access the text messages and phone records like they were able to do with Elliot.  Also, no police report was filed.  But this time it seems like the league has finally gotten it right and the proper suspension was handed down.  Fans didn’t think it would be hard to understand that beating your girlfriend on numerous occasions is worse than “possibly having knowledge of under inflated footballs”.



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